Charging Cable
Charging Cable

Charging Cable

$9.95 USD

Charging Cable Fit Guide

Measuring your head size
Find a measuring tool Use a soft tape, rope or even your charging cable. Place it against a ruler to measure.
Measure your head Wrap it around your head, position it mid-forehead and above the eyebrows and ears.
Find your helmet size Identify if it’s a good fit. Charging Cable fits most head shapes with the adjustable dial fit system.

Determining Your Head Size

Sizing Small Medium-Large Extra Large
Inches 20in. - 21.7in. 21.3in. - 24.0in. 24in. - 25.6in.
Centimetres 51cm - 55cm 54cm - 61cm 61cm - 65cm
Weight (MIPS) 370g 409g 450g
Weight (Standard) - 370g -

Lost your charging cable? Want an extra one to put in your office? Order an extra cable!

Length of charging cable: 1m (3.3ft) long

Note: The Lumos Helmet comes with one charging cable. This is to order an extra cable.

  • Measurements/Dimensions:
    • Length: 3.3 feet (1m)
  • Type:
    • Connection: USB
    • Charging tip: Proprietary magnetic connector

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Joshua Scott
Lumos for life!

I stopped doing deliveries for about 1½yrs, (after using the Matrix Helmet for about 3yrs. Rain, sleet, hail, snow.) so i tossed the Helmet in a box inside the closet, along with the charging cable. Threw a bunch of stuff on top of the Charging Cable, and the wire got damaged a little... Finally dig out the Helmet+Charger, and charged the Helmet, but i needed to hold the wire a certain way for it to charge, got damaged cuz of all that heavy crap i placed on top of it. Didn't want to use a damaged cable wire, so i purchased a new one. It works flawlessly! I'm 40yrs old, i wish this Helmet was created 20yrs ago when i started delivering. This Helmet stood up against 3 winters. I dont like doing reviews, but this Helmet (Lumos Matrix) is AMAZING! LUMOS FOR LIFE!

Margaret Hines
We received but it appears we are missing a part

That is a problem


Arrived quickly. Works well. I thought that I had lost my original charging cable. We found it the day the replacement arrived. So now I have a spare. Looking forward to receiving my fireflies.

Jan Sysmans
better quality than then original

My original charging cable stopped working (plastic protection broke). I'm pleased to see that the replacement cable is of much better quality.

Manuel Castro
Never order from Lumos

VERY BAD shipping REALLY TO LONG for a small cable RIDICULOS

Enhance your Lumos experience.

Never run out of battery

A powerful helmet demands a powerful battery. Our proprietary charging cable will guarantee a fast charging cycle so that you can take on the road safely and quickly!

One charger to rule them all

Lumos Charging Cable is compatible with all of our helmets and remotes.

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