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Lumos Ultra
William Walker

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Firefly
Michael Levine
So nice with added safety

Works so well with the firefly lights and upgraded remote. Turn signals sync with lights instant off and sync. So cool. I think I might have to buy 2 more firefly lights for the front.

Lumos Kickstart
kim calderon
High Quality

Perfect fit. High visibility lights. Simple to pair with remote.


I needed a new remote mount for my bike 'cause the original one was stolen. It arrived on time and it perfectly fits my new bike.

Charging Cable

I lost mine and get this one in its place. It arrived in time and works perfectly fine.
As usual super reccomended

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Ralph Meder
Fantastic helmet

After researching smart helmets, I was sold on this particular helmet based on the ease of functionality and high level of safety it provides me. I like the weight for long rides and the adjustability for a proper, secure fit as well as the added bonus of the flip visor for night rides.
I highly recommend this helmet!

Lumos Kickstart


Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Karl Edelsten
Convenience and Protection

This is my second Ultra. I upgraded to get the visor and front indicators (which I think should have be part of the original).
The all round functionality is great.
Unfortunately, it has given its life protecting my skull and I'm now in need of a new one.

Lumos Kickstart
Elmira Zenger

Lumos Kickstart

Edit : updating my previous review !!! It fits perfectly !!!

I want to apologize for my first review. I first thaught it wouldn’t fit my saddle.

But I finally disassembled completly my saddle and it fits now perfectly on my 2x1000w Lankeleisi MG 740 Plus Speedelec Mountain Bike.

Please feel free to erase my first review.

Good job guys !

Ultra Bug Net
Melanie Lietz

Perfekt for ride with my bike 🚴

Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount

It’s just fantastic.

I have been an ebike rider for about two years now. Got a simple helmet from Walmart at first, then upgraded to one with lights eventually. Finally was searching around for a, ‘serious” helmet and found this one. A few YouTube videos later I took the dive and bought it.

Some people may be put off by its price, but it’s totally worth it. It’s lighter than it looks and has a number of light settings to play with. Personally I go for the minimalist lights of just red on the back. Also, a large reason I purchased this was the integrated shield that covers your eyes. I actually don’t live in a rainy climate, but during the colder months it helps to protect my eyes from tearing up.

The price may seem steep, but the cost is worth it. I am a satisfied customer.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Benjamin Dobbeck
Great Helmet!

Efficient and responsive team!

Lumos Remote + Handlebar Mount

Lumos Ultra
Fred Hermann

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Matrix
Bruce Cree
The Ultimate Urban Cycling Hemet

The Lumos Matrix is simply put the most visible helmet currently on the market for urban cycling. The combination of front and rear illumination, the capacity to signal turning, and the wide variety of illumination patterns make this the perfect helmet for urban cycling. When riding on city streets, visibility is by far the most important feature to help drivers recognize that there is a bicycle on the road. The very bright LEDs and visually captivating display options make this helmet highly visible. The bright headlamp also provides excellent illumination of the road and bike lane when riding at night. Lumos also has amazing customer service. Shout out to Kristine at Lumos! Many thanks! If you were on the fence about buying this helmet: it is worth every penny.
All the best,

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Emilio Moyers

Lumos Ultra E-Bike

Lumos Ultra
Alex Evers

Lumos Ultra

Helmet Padding
Janine Radhakrishnan
Good cushioning

Easy to apply, work really well and even come with extra sticky valcro to attach the cushioning pads if they have come off. Very happy

Cool helmet

Convenience all in one

Lumos Ultra Fly
Darlene Kluka

superb quality and...

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Christopher SEYMOUR
I like it's options

Enjoying the supplemental lights that add to my bike's own. I like the helmet turn signals too. The only negative is the eye shield doesn't like either style of my glasses.

Lumos Ultra
Tyrrell Axtmann

With the MEPS, the helmet fits well and is comfortable to wear. I added the bug screen and visor. The visor seems a bit short and not sure I get its use except for perhaps keeping rain from dripping onto the face as it extends less than an inch from the helmet.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
René Hoppe
Top Service. Vielen Dank!

Vielen Dank! Ich bin sehr zufrieden und würde immer wieder einen Lumos Helm kaufen. Der Ablauf wegen ei er Reklamation verlief auch reibungslos.