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Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Eugene Powell

Every bit as visible in low-light situations as promised. Ramps up safety for sure. And the movable shield is wonderfully effective - I ride almost daily and it’s help me avoid any injury from one large flying insect impact and from a branch strike. Get and be safer.

A bonus

I dropped mine, and have lost one of the rubber bands.
They were able to order bands, rather than the remote fitting. Because I already had the remote, and just needed the bands!

Lumos Firefly
Andrew CM
What a great innovation

I bought a set of four Firefly lights - and they are fantastic. Very easy to set up, provide good light for urban cycling and improve safety by allowing clear turn signalling (on very dark paths without lights they are not as strong as other lights but remain adequate, but definitely an 'urban cycling product'). Not sure how well the 'brake lighting' works as I can't see behind me :-), but everything else is spot on. I also like the way they synch with my Lumos helmet and all turn off together when one is turned off at the end of the ride. Charging is easy with the cradle. Great purchase and really happy with it.

Ultra Visor
Dmitry Shilov
Great Visor

Pretty Good Visor , i liked it and found it pretty useful and easy to attach to my helmet , i am glad i have got it 👍

Turn Signal Remote

I ordered two Firefly signals and the Lumos Remote. I have synchronized the Firefly signals with my Lumos Ultra helmet. They work as one unit for signaling turns, breaking and turning all off at once.

Lumos Firefly
Massachusetts road rider

I love the simple versatility of the lights. I have one as a headlight and, after a trip to the hardware store for a tiny screw, bolt, and washer, attached the other to my panier rack as a taillight. I appreciate the re-charging capability, and the app that keeps track of when to recharge.

Lumos Kickstart
Pierre Couchard
Un casque très efficace

Un casque très efficace pour être vu de jour comme de nuit grâce à ses différentes fonctionnalités lumineuses, y compris clignotants pour signaler les changements de direction et le stop lors des arrêts



The best helmet, really easy and practical. The lights are very bright and got different modes. Buy with no hassle, best customer service by Ann Dominic. She has sent me a brand new helmet for free because I had an issue with my other helmet. The new one works perfectly amazing. I am very happy that I bought Lumos helmet, they understand how to take care of the customers. I will be loyal to this company because they cared about my request.

Lumos Kickstart
Diane Zedan

I have not received it.

Lumos Ultra
Gary Hartman
A week of riding with the Lumos Helmet

The fit with the MIPS is absolutely fabulous. I love the helmet lights; it gives me the confidence to get out on early rides in the dark going into Winter. I am delighted with the delivery and the product. I would recommend the use of the helmet with other riders.

An Attention-grabber!

I get questions about this poncho every time I wear it. Ponchos are inherently dorky-looking but this design has a flattering cut, as ponchos go. Highly reflective: you will note cars that are far off will slow because they are confused about what they are seeing. I often wear it walking at night, rain or shine, just for visibility. It’s the coolest in daylight when it rains, though! The beads of water diffract the reflected light and it looks like you’re wearing a cloaking device. I’m going to buy another when they come back in stock as it’s such a unique item.

Great and Super Useful Poncho !

Liked my new poncho very much , it is perfect and comfortable to ride or wear outside in the rain . Very Happy with my purchase 👍

Lumos Ultra E-Bike
Scott Sterry
It’s semi-complicated, but nicely executed

There’s a lot of “moving” parts to connect together to make the whole system work as one. But it’s well worth the effort and wonderfully constructed.

Helmet mounted mirror???

Does anyone have experience trying to mount a standard rear view mirror to this helmet? Does it work with the built in visor? Thank you!

afstandsbediening goed ontvangen, afwachten op de drukknopkapjes nog gaan barsten of niet. Bedankt voor de snelle service

Helmet Padding
Thomas Herbrich

Es war alles sehr einfach. Ein problemloses Verfahren, vom Kontakt, über Bestellung und Zustellung. Unglaublich freundliche Mitarbeiter.
Für mioch ein klitzekleines Manko: alles in Englisch.

Lumos Firefly
Jean Basile
Versatility of firefly

I fave orinally procured 3 firefly with adds on via the kicstarter campain and recently got an extra one.

I love the firefly because of the added versatility and synch capability with my Lumos helmet.

I also use it when I walk my 14pound (3.2kg) black dog at night using the velcro band on my arm and one on my dog collar so my dog become visible to cars for added safety for both of us.
I am sure this is a use you did not think of. Can also be use on kids arm at halloween to ensure kids are seen.


voldoet aan omschrijving

Second to none 😃

"Cool helmet bro!", "Where did you get your helmet?", "That's so cool!", "No way it does that!?" - these are the reactions I get when I ride with my Lumos! 😃

Style, State of the art features, Superb customer support 👌 Lumos has it all!

Charging Cable
Brad Shultz

Thanks guys/gals for sending me a replacement charging cable for my lumous matrix helmet. Worked out. We t on to purchase another matrix helmet different color. Great product. Great value, great design, very progressive and trendy. Very Rad!

Nach nur einem Jahr Schrott

Leider ist es nach nur einem Jahr nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Ein Fall für die Mülltonne.
Es leuchtet grün beim Laden, lässt sich aber nicht mehr verbinden. Schade


I'm appreciate the utility of this accessories..... fantastic

Lumos Firefly
Steve Kohn
Great customer service

You listened to the problem And did the right thing. No hassles no stress. Soooo much appreciated