Update #24 - We shipped our first 1,000 helmets!

Our first 1,000 helmets sitting in the warehouse before being shipped out to backers

Hey everyone, hope all is well! We are very happy to report that we have successfully completed our very first mass production run of Lumos Helmets. That picture above? Our very first batch of 1,000 helmets at our warehouse. We shipped them out to backers last week and many have already started using their helmets!

Here are some early reviews from them:

  • Wow. I am so impressed with the quality, fit and comfort. You did a wonderful job creating this helmet. Have already ordered a second one for my daughter who is big into Ironman's, she went wild after seeing the short video I sent her on the helmet's lights. Again, great job to everyone involved, I am very very pleased. - Chris Mathewson 
  • Tried it out last night for the first time and wow! In addition to the cool technology, it is very comfortable. At a stop light, the car next to me asked what bike shop in town could they find one...so handed out my first referral. - John Long 
  • It fits very comfortably, is quite attractive, and easy to use and setup. My housemates during the unboxing were quite impressed. I am really glad you included the referral discount cards because while I was installing the mount at my work I already gave one away. This is certainly one of the best products I ever received as a result of a crowd-funding campaign, and I've supported well over a hundred. Great job guys. - Jesse

And here is a pretty in-depth review a backer has made and put on YouTube: 


Awesome!! When Can I Expect My Helmet to Arrive?

We are as anxious as you are to get your helmet to you as soon as possible. Early nights are coming soon with the fall season and we want you guys to have your Lumos Helmet asap so you can have a safer ride.

The nice thing is now that we have learnt how to successfully put together 1,000 helmets, we are now ready to scale that process relatively quickly. Here is an overview for you of our production schedule:

  • Batch 2: Oct 20th (1,500 helmets) 
  • Batch 3: Nov 5th (5,500 helmets) 
  • Batch 4: Nov 18th (5,500 helmets)

Note 1: I’m writing specific dates and quantities here because I want to provide as much clarity as I can. With the information currently available to us we believe that we can meet these timelines. However as you have already seen, things do happen, and if dates shift a little within this timeline please bear with us.

Note 2: These dates indicate when helmets enter our warehouse facility in Hong Kong. It will take an additional few business days for it to be shipped and arrive at your doorstep.

How it will work:

  • About 1 week before the ship date we will send you your final survey. You will be able to make final changes to your order then (color + shipping address), as well as purchase accessories such as extra mounts and remotes if you're interested in that. 

Customer Service

This is the first time that we are doing any of this, so we’re pretty sure that we are going to make all kinds of mistakes. If you encounter trouble with your helmet or with your order, we have two members of our team dedicated to supporting you during this period. They will be manning our support@lumoshelmet.co email and will make sure to get you sorted out. Please meet Hannu and Joni!


If you have been corresponding with us on email, Kickstarter, Facebook, or Twitter, you have most likely been doing so with either Hannu or Joni!

Here is the link to the Lumos Helmet Users Facebook Group that Joni mentions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lumoshelmet/

And here is the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lumoshelmet/

And for any product related support questions you can email us at support@lumoshelmet.co

Thank you everyone for your tremendous patience and support thus far. We’ve come a long way together, and we are so excited to finally be shipping helmets in bulk! We would love to get your feedback on how you think we're doing. Let us know by filling in this 30 second survey HERE!

Ride safe,


Eu-wen, Jeff, and the entire Lumos Helmet Team




WOW. great news thanks for the update. Now l have seen that the helmets are starting to be sent l am really excited about getting mine.
Never seen anything like this in Switzerland. People l know are waiting to see my helmet, so you may have a lot more buyers from Switzerland very soon;-))

Roger October 17, 2016

I’m still waiting the delivery mail, can’t wait to have mine helmet. I’m glad to see a lot of positive view from bikers who already have the helmet.

Ettore Cuffini October 17, 2016

Iam so exited for reciving my helmet, thanks guys.

Jorge martinez October 17, 2016

Still waiting can’t wait to receive mine ,looks great very excited !!!

James Weisenmiller October 17, 2016

Looks great eager to get mine. Can’t wait to ditch the strap on lights on my current helmet. I wish a speedy production and shipping for you! -peace

Stephen October 17, 2016

thanks for the update, can’t wait to demo it to our cycling club. We currently have 1270 bike club members all whom are anxious to see my new Lumos Helmet. I have run you video on on club facebook page, however their waiting to see the really thing. I told them very soon!

Deb Rogers October 17, 2016

Thank you for the update! I really cant wait to get mine. Im glad to hear only positive feedback from people who already got the helmet. Best regards Marvin

Marvin Lohse October 17, 2016

Seems like I’ve been waiting quite a while, which means it will be amazing once I get it!!! Patiently awaiting lumoshelmet ‍♀️‍♀️??‍♀️

Hazel Wing October 17, 2016

Seems like my helmet has been on backorder FOREVER! I ride with the Air Force Cycle Team and annually we ride in a little town’s Christmas Night Parade ~ I hoping to have my helmet before then!

Robert Roque October 17, 2016

Thank you so much for the on going up dates will be over the moon and so very excited to receive my helmet. Looking forward to it

Tracy Waring October 17, 2016

Can’t wait for the arrival of the helmet!

Tim Ross October 17, 2016

I’m in a trouble, cause I’d like to receive soon my helmet in Italy to show it to my bikers friends. Waiting for your delivery mail, best rgds

Fausto Maria Resta October 17, 2016

Can’t wait to get my hands on this cool helmet. I am glad everything is going well.

ED October 17, 2016

Looking forward to getting the helmet.

Conrad Larkin October 17, 2016

Looks great when can I expect my order to arrive ? Can’t wait

Pete October 16, 2016

Thanks for update guys, CANT WAIT to get mine haha, glad it’s going well for you regards Jim

JIm Grimwood October 16, 2016

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