First User Reviews of the Lumos Helmet

Hey everyone!

This is an exciting time for Lumos: last week we shipped the first production Lumos Helmets to our beta testers. We asked them to compare it with the original beta units they got earlier this year, and (thankfully!) they have had very positive things to say!

Here are some of their comments: 

The helmet feels good! I rolled it around in my hands for a minute before putting it on. My thoughts were, "this is a fancy helmet that lights up!" The highlight here is that I would wear this helmet even if it didn't light up. The fit is that good!
 - John W. Burlington VT
Just got my helmet! What an improvement! I love the fit which was my biggest compliant of the first helmet. I also like the remote. What I see so far looks really good. 
- Lou P.
Outstanding!!! I am so happy for the Lumos team and us (the beta testers) who get to be part of a brand new product from inception to perfection! The helmet fits beautifully... the lights work perfectly... the app is a nice surprise and quite good. THANK YOU for letting me be part of this. I am positive we are all part of, what is going to be, a big success.
- Kent F. - Suffolk County, NY
First and foremost, the cosmetic changes you folks made ROCK. I think your finished product is finally ready to be rolled out to the general public. 
I think this is something we can all be proud of and I pray it will save a life someday.
 - Richard O.
My helmet arrived! Very psyched to have it in hand, especially before this weekend's rides. Here's my first impressions; overall a HUGE improvement over the original beta. Well done guys!
* The fit! Ohhh, the fit! The original beta took a couple weeks of fidgeting and hacking to get it to the point I could wear it. It was never comfortable, and its effectiveness during a crash was alwasy in the back of my mind. Thsi one fit like a glove right out of the box. WELL DONE!
* The straps feel great and were very easy to setup & adjust.
* Overall the design looks much better than the original beta - the extra attention is apparent. 
 - Chris S.
We've also got an awesome unboxing video from Victor in Germany!


This shipment has been one of the first steps in what will be a full on sprint over the next number of weeks, as we send out helmets to backers and those who have pre-ordered. We hope you are getting as excited as we are about this!  

Ride Safe!

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Can’t wait to receive mine!

Erick October 04, 2016

Bellissimo casco!

Sandro September 28, 2016

Un-boxing video is so awesome. Now I really can’t wait for mine! I commute by bike every day and was hit by a car this week. For me, this helmet couldn’t come fast enough.

Jenn G September 19, 2016

I like this, wish I was still commuting this would be great for my old ride home at night. Later it would be nice to have a set of on bike lights, and headlight. For a night city ride more lights the better!

Charlie September 16, 2016

What an incredible, so simple. Why did I not think of it. Makes us all a little safer.

Craig Bradley September 16, 2016

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