Update #18: Remote design part II

Hey everyone, hope all is well!

Since our last update we've completed the remaining refinements on the helmet design and have commenced tooling as planned. In our last update we talked mostly about the final shape and looks of the helmet. Now we are going to do the same for the remote!

This is the original remote prototype we showed you in our Kickstarter campaign:

And here is a picture from the “extended buttons” concept we showed you in our November update:

The intention behind the later model was to have the buttons for the turn signal as close to your hands as possible and thereby make it super easy and convenient for you to use them.

Some people liked that idea very much, others not so much mostly because of the wires from the remote to the extended buttons. 

We took that feedback, put more work into it, and finally are ready and happy to announce that we were able to develop a really great solution that gives us the best of both worlds. Check it out:

Basically we will supply the remote with two versions of the mount. A standard mount that will make the remote work like the original design shown on Kickstarter, and a second mount for the "extended button" version. 

How the standard version works:

  1. Secure the mount on your handlebars with silicone rubber bands (that we will supply in various sizes) via the 4 hooks on its corners

  2. Place the remote on the mount and twist into the locked position 

  3. When you press one of the buttons, it lights up so that you can check to make sure that you activated the correct signal

  4. When you’re done with your ride, twist the remote off to take it with you (if necessary) 

You can also secure the mount on your handlebars in the perpendicular orientation!

How the “extended button” version works:

The “extended button” version works very similarly, just with a different mount.

Place the mount where you like on your handlebar and do the same for the Left and Right buttons. Tidy the wires up with the included zip ties, or wrap them under handlebar tape.

Then same deal, just lock the remote into place on your handlebar and that’s it!

As you can see, thanks to the modularity of the design, we were able to accommodate both designs quite nicely. We’ve tested it extensively ourselves and it works great. We can’t wait for you guys to have it to try out for yourselves!

Coming up in out next update: More details on how our beta testers have been using their beta helmets! Although our beta testing program officially ended in January, many of our beta testers have continued using their beta units. We've sat down and interviewed a few of them to have them share their stories on how they have been using their Lumos beta unit on their rides. Those stories coming up really soon, so stay tuned!


Eu-wen, Jeff, and the Lumos Team

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Silly question. How/where does the usb cable connect to the turn signal remote. Not sure where the magnet goes. OK found it. You have to remove the bracket. Told you it was a silly question.

Larry February 10, 2017

Received my helmet and love it!!

Richard Reiter February 02, 2017

Hey Rolland, thanks for your question!

The turn signal module has a rechargeable battery inside, and it is recharged with the same USB cable that charges the helmet. We provide that cable with every helmet. Hope that answers your questions, and let us know if we can be of more help!

- The Lumos Team
Lumos Helmet Team April 19, 2016

I think that your ideal is awesome. I think that I might get one or two for my nephews, and myself. I like to walk at night and this may make it safer to walk thru the woods and trails. I have a few questions, how do you recharge the turn signal module? Maybe in later designs, the helmet can have a solar panel built into it so you can that way or USB. Have a mount on the helmet to charge the turn signal module.

Rolland Lynch April 18, 2016

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