We worked for over a year going through every detail of the Lumos design to ensure that it was production ready before going to Kickstarter. Because of this and the incredible success of our Kickstarter campaign, we have high confidence that we can deliver a high quality product to our backers.

However going through production is still an expensive and time consuming process, which is why your Lumos Helmet will only arrive in November! This is a high-level breakdown of our timeline to delivery:

All backers will receive an update from us every month on our progress.

We write these updates because we want you guys to feel that you are a part of the process in making Lumos a reality, because you are!

We cannot do this without you, and we regularly request feedback and ideas from our backer community on various aspects of Lumos that we are working on that month. Backers frequently tell us that they enjoy reading these updates, so we hope you enjoy them as well!